Bourbon Foods

Eat your bourbon!  One of the most unique flavors originating from Kentucky is its famous spirit, bourbon.  Tastefully Delicious carries a wide range of bourbon infused foods that gives a unique flavor that can't be found anywhere else in the world.  Discover the many flavors of some of the finest bourbon infused foods in the state.


What Makes Bourbon Infused Foods Taste Great?

From being aged in charred oak barrels, Kentucky bourbon contains rich, oaky flavors that enhances the overall taste of many foods.  One of the most popular infused foods includes barbecue sauces where the extra smokey flavor from the bourbon enriches an already excellent sauce.

What Bourbon Infused Foods Are Available?

Kentucky food produces utilize various techniques to add that rich bourbon flavor to their foods.  In addition to adding small amounts of bourbon, some producers, like coffee roasters, will age their product inside a bourbon barrel.  Still others will burn the barrel to smoke their foods.  Visit Tastefully Delicious to try out the many different types of bourbon infused foods.

Jams, Jellies & Fruit Butters:

  • McDowell Farms
  • Evan Williams
  • Two Sisters


  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls
  • Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Balls
  • Old Kentucky Chocolates
  • Ruth Hunt Chocolates

Coffee & Tea:

  • Kentucky Mountain Coffee
  • Kentucky Knows
  • Jim Beam
  • Maker's Mark
  • Elmwood Inn Tea


  • Bourbon Barrel Foods
  • Woodford Reserve

Bourbon Cheese Spread:

  • Larry Mac Bourbon Cheese
  • Luna Mercato Bourbon Cheddar

BBQ & Hot Sauces:

  • BourbonQ
  • Jim Beam
  • Evan Williams
  • Pappy's
  • Applecreek
  • Wild Turkey
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